Dream- Two paths

There was a house on a cliff where my grandmother was living in the dream and there was a young boy overlooking a beach where a horse went running along the ocean through a large group of people. The young boy had to go to school and went down the mountain path, but making it halfway down he saw a bunch of people on the roadside and was uncomfortable going past them.

I appeared on the road beside the young boy and we walked together, he then disappeared just before I came to a fork in the road. One path went straight and I knew it was the path to power while the path to the left went to school. I could feel a wind coming from the path of power, and that is the path I went to take however as I started going down the path of power the wind started circling and choking me.

I made my way back to the forked road and took the left path instead, where there was something playing on a projector screen and a small baby bear that let me pet its head.

Dream – plane crash

I was in a plane and I could see we were flying over a cliff passing to go over the ocean. We weren’t very high as we could still see the ground, we didn’t get far past the cliff when we took a nose dive and crashed into the water. I noticed my purse next to me and while I should have left it behind I grabbed it before we got out. We had to swim to the nearest land which was not the cliff but Tahiti. There hadn’t been many people on the flight, most of us made it and a flight attendant was in the group but we couldn’t find the pilot.

I thought we should search for the pilot but the attendant said he was likely dead. For some reason I felt he had ended up on another section of the island and had a piece of something stabbed into his right leg and that he was bleeding profusely but not dead yet. Unfortunately they ended up taking a vote and no one voted to look for him.

Since I had taken my purse I took out my phone unfortunately it did not work and I couldn’t stop thinking about how worried my mom was going to be if she didn’t hear from me. We ended up walking further inland and came to what look to be and outdoor travel station. Unfortunately there wasn’t much we could do as our passports and things were currently in the ocean in the sinking plane. I wanted to phone my mom first but no one would lend me a phone so I tried talking to one of the flight attendants’ at the outdoor travel station who said there was nothing they could do for us and if I wanted to contact my mother or figure out what could be done for the people stranded there I would have to talk to the executives.

Fortunately they were willing to see me and willing to let me call my mother, they said however they could not provide any of us means to leave the country as we didn’t have passports/ identification or tickets. Which sucked because we couldn’t replace them with no money. I asked them if we could make a deal and all of us get replacements for our passports and flights home if we found the black box to which they agreed.

All of the passengers were willing to help minus the flight attendant from our flight who stood ashore as we grabbed small wooden canoes and ventured out to the sinking plane. My canoe seemed to keep on taking water and I had a bit of a rough time getting over to the plane. Eventually I found the black box and took it to the executives who were rather surprised I managed to find it.


Dream- Train wreck

I was sitting on a train that was travelling through the countryside. At one point there was a large hill and for whatever reason the train went off the tracks and started rolling down the hill, instinctively I put my hands behind my neck so as to protect it from snapping. No one else did and when the train hit the bottom of the hill I realized that protecting my neck had been the only thing to save me. No one else made it alive.

Unfortunately I was injured and the train was starting to smoke so with all my strength I dragged myself out on my stomach, half dead out of the smoking train. We happened to be in the forest in the middle of nowhere and it took all my energy just to drag myself out. Next thing I know there is two people standing over me they looked to be in their late teens.

I weakly asked for help, the girl told the boy that they should help me while the boy was arguing that it would just waste their resources and they’d be better off killing me since no one would know about the accident right away but that eventually they would come searching and their little makeshift “city” of runaways would be found.

The girl fought to keep me alive so the boy reluctantly agreed that I would be kept alive but I was not only her problem but I would have to do my share of work around the camp or the deal was off. My eyes closed and I passed out.

When I woke I was on a makeshift be in a small cabin the boy was sitting next to me and called out to the girl who was outside. As she came in he left. She told me I had been out for a few days and even if I was still injured I would be expected to help out around camp.

Dream – Lessons from Snape

I was in a room with professor Snape and one other student, professor snape was charged with helping us control and learn more about our abilities. I’m not sure what the other students’ abilities were but apparently I had the ability to mind meld. Once he was done with the other students’ abilities he started trying to get me to use mine.

I had a very hard time getting it to work, and so professor snape decided to try angering me. Which ended up working and my mind fused with his and I was able to control him into walking down to the hospital wing before leaving his mind. I went downstairs to see the effects and he told me to stay away from him so I went up to the room again and this time used my ability to mind meld on an owl and tested it’s wings before flying out the open window.

I flew around for a while and then went back to the room choosing to mind meld with another smaller bird with a red crown and brown body and went outside again this time trying to get crookshanks to touch the knot on the whomping willow so I could get in. only for crookshanks to show me a different way.

Dream-Monestary of old

I was waiting at the edge of an ocean where there was a cruise ship docked that I was meant to get on. However, I arrived late and missed it only by a minute so it left without me. I noticed that on the back of this ship there were a pair of purple fairy wings, for some reason I knew that I needed to reach them. So I flew, without wings my body flew over the ocean to reach these wings.

While I was flying over the ocean several things tried to knock me off course and prevent me from reaching them, an octopus and a mermaid as well as my dream itself. I had to fight my way, and with a burst of will I reached the wings and the ship. After I had knocked the mermaid away to prevent her interference. I put the wings on and they attached to my body, for some reason when I put them on I thought of the archangel Gabriel and my fairy wings became angel’s wings. I used my wings to fly over to another piece of land I had seen nearby and when i landed put the wings into my body.

While I was walking on the land I came to a large building that looked like a mansion but was actually a monastery. This building was not only a monastery but a school as well. The keeper of the place was very old but did not look it. I was welcomed in the building and the keeper told me I could take a look around so I did. I noticed that old manuscripts and books were kept here. The office in which the keeper sat was across from the entrance with a school room on the same side as his office not too far to the left. To the right was a grand dining room. I ventured to the left, passing the first school room I noticed something different about the wall not far from the classroom.

I sensed something, the air around it was different, I could sense a barrier and an illusion. I used my spiritual energy to show truth. The illusion then vanished revealing a stone doorway with a warning. I believe it was a warning it was not in English though. It opened for me, had been waiting for me. Thousands of years so that I may enter it at last. Beyond the doorway was a single stone staircase with stone walls on either side that had writings on them, passages from the bible.

When I got to the bottom of the staircase there was two ways to go either right or left. I went left as the right I felt had things far more sinister lurking there. It was much like a stable in some respects as on either side there were stalls. There was no livestock or horses in them, but demons that were kept in a stasis for thousands of years.it was also like a labyrinth with many twists and turns. I eventually found myself at the very center of this demon maze. It was circular with other paths leading off enclosed slightly.

There was a symbol on the ground I think. A yellow circle inside of a bronze circle and the room was illuminated by a golden glow. In the center of this circular room was a metal table. I went to the table so I was on the right side of it. It wasn’t pointing the way I came but rather east to west rom the direction I had come from. On this metal table was a demon manacled and in stasis. I didn’t know what to make of the demon so I looked around the room.

It was mostly bare but on the far side of the room across from the bottom of the table which was now to my west. There was a golden menorah (Jewish 7 branch candle holder) the base sat at the floor while the holders and candles were equal to my height. In front of the candles was a pedestal of sorts with an extremely old book upon it. It seemed to be leather bound but the tops of the pages seemed to shine gold. It was a big book not small in the least. There were many page.

I walked over drawn out of curiosity, I went to the alter/pedestal and opened the book. The writing was ancient, far beyond even Latin and I knew it was not written by a human. I went back to look at the demon and I watched him thinking. My presence woke him up and my mind was trying to battle me for control to wake me up but I refused it. I took the book for I knew it could not stay there with the demons waking up.

I felt it was important. As the demons woke up they decided I was prey and they freed themselves and proceeded to chase after me. I ran all the way to the stone staircase and did not stop until I had passed the doorway. The demons where close behind me and had almost grabbed me in their pursuit, but there was a strong barrier on the door so they could not pass it. The demons then tried to get me onto their side by enticing me with promises of power, of a lot of things.

I shut the door on them. One managed to escape I think. I went to the dining room to look at the book and sat down on one end then the keeper walked in and saw I had the book, and he lost it. He started chasing me I didn’t know why. So we ran around for quite a while until we had both managed to be under the table on opposite sides at the far end looking at each other. He kept saying “no one should know about it, it contains knowledge kept from humans and from the bible. Even if you did show people they would never believe you. They would not believe what is written.” and other things along that line.

i had closed the book when i ran from the demons. i passed the book to him and he could not open it so he gave it back to me. i then opened it and showed him the writing. He could not read it as i could so he took me into his office to speak with me. He was curious as to why I was the only one that could both open the book and read it like it was in English.

He said he had been guarding the monastery for thousands of years and seeing as that’ was the duty he was given he lived for all those years continuing to protect the monastery and guarding the demons as was the task given to him by the angels that captured and put the demons in stasis. He decided to give the book to me to protect. We went back into the dining room where he performed a transfer of some sort. He spoke I can barely remember what was said. The book started floating and shone with a brilliant white light and came towards me.

It then merged with my soul, my entire being becoming one with me and then there was a larger flash of brilliant white light before it went back to normal only the book was gone. I talked to him a while longer in his office before I went back outside only to find that there was a tank, a fighter plane and a gunner on the roof of the monastery. The goal was to bring down the monastery or so I thought. The tank fired and in order to avoid the shot I had to jump over it by opening my wings and hovering higher in the air. Unfortunately the gunner took the time to take it as an opportunity and shot me with a stream of bullets into my left leg.

I fell to the ground in pain and they seemed to disappear or leave time seemed to be so long yet like it did not move. My wound healed and a woman came over to me kneeling at my side. She told me a name and that they had arrived. Though I wasn’t sure who they were i could feel that i was happy with this knowledge. So I walked to the back of the monastery where there was a large lake/ocean behind it I watched the water and three people walked out a boy, a man who I couldn’t see properly and a woman that had a golden glow about her. She told me she knew me and spoke to me, and i broke down telling her and asking why i should go on that I had no purpose, no mate, I had nothing for myself and that i should die.

She held me as I cried in my dream and told me to stay strong that I was more important than I knew and that woman’s name is Mary.

Dream- Aesir

There was a large wooden house which I was looking it was a two story place with beautiful wooden flooring and the outside was painted white with a high pointed roof. In the back yard there was four cauldrons against the side fence to the right of the house; and a single tree in the center of the yard. I went out to the backyard and the first cauldron closest to me a fire came from inside it as I walked close and then from the fire a giant stepped out.

He was huge, must have been 40 ft. tall or something, he said that I was to prove myself to get into the AEsir(Norse gods) and said that he dared me to take up a certain sword. I didn’t recognize the name as it was in Norse but there was something about the sword itself, i believe it was something like when that sword was taken out it couldn’t be returned to the sheath unless it killed.

For a second it appeared that I turned into a male but then I was turned back into my female self. i accepted the giant’s challenge and found the sword on the second level of the house hidden in a gold cauldron it was like the wall disappeared. I took up the sheath holding the sword and unwrapped it, then I went to the tree in the back yard, there was a sword stuck in the tree by Odin. Which no one was supposed to be able to pull out, only I did. The giant went back into the cauldron he came from to wait until I was ready to battle.

I took a bucket of water and was going to use it to put out the fire but he ended up seeing it even though it was hidden behind me and I tipped it over. Three other people were watching. The giant came out of the cauldron fully and was angry and attacked me with his left arm to which I blocked with the sword i had pulled out of the tree. Nothung or balmung were the names of the sword from the tree.

The giant was surprised i could wield it but pressed his attack while i continued to block and attack back. The three people that were with me were closer to the house with confused blank stares on their faces. The giant ended up yielding to me and i was granted Odin’s sword to keep as a gift. The giant told me I proved myself worthy of being amongst the AEsir but that I would remain on the earth plane until Ragnarök.

The giant even said or rather whispered that I had gained their love in the process. I also said the name of the giant but I forgot I think it started with the letter b though for some reason I was a bit suspicious of it being Loki.



Meditation- Halls Of The Mind

I went into my mind and was wandering in a hall way there were many doors on either side which I think contained memories and such. i followed the hallway for a while until I came to a spiral staircase with gold railings. I walked down and it seemed to go on for quite a while.

Until finally I reached the bottom. At the bottom there three doors. I saw two but had the feeling there might be a third hidden. To my right was a black door that was closed and to my left was a door that was open. I was uncertain of the unopened door so I walked into the open door.

Inside I found a large Egyptian bedroom with a lot of gold treasures. On the far side there was an Egyptian styed princess bed that was completely gold with a shimmering canopy that was slightly see-through. On the bed was someone that looked exactly like me only she was sleeping and had somewhat longer hair. I did not want to wake her so I left the room and went to the black door. it was pure black the only thing that was different from the other doors I had seen was that it had a skull on it and a place to put a key.

I found the key within and put it in place but the door would not open still, I then placed my hand on the skull and focused a lot of my energy into it and finally the skull disappeared and the door opened.

It was in almost complete darkness so I reached and switched a light. I turned back and looked into room and went into shock for a moment as I saw a giant three headed dragon whose body seemed to be made somewhat differently from regular dragons. He stared and me snarling before trying to attack. Though he could not reach me as his hind legs were chained with not much of the manacles loose so he could turn and see behind him. After a few minutes he realized I was not moving and he could not harm me and so became still watching me warily.

I could not stand to see a dragon in chains. He sniffed the air then brought his head as close as possible to look at me.

“You are old very old, your spirit is ancient though not close to my age you are young still. I sense on of my own in you yet not. A dragon. Do not make the mistake of thinking I am trusting you because of this.” to that effect is what he said and with that he moved back unable to do much.

I could tell he was wary of me still but i didn’t like the thought of him being chained up. I approached slowly not getting to close and spoke. “I will release you but I need you to trust me. I will stay where you can see me and if you believe I will try something to harm you, you may attack and I will take the hit without defending.”

He watched warily as I stayed in view coming closer to him and taking my time so he would know my intent was only what I said. I however had to go behind to take the manacles off and told him so before I did asking if would be alright.

He allowed me to do so. I released the chains that held him and he was freed. He moved his heads so the left was closest to me and allowed me to pet him. Before drawing them away. He told me he felt some sort of connection to me and said he wished to test the extent of the link. He accidently used acid saliva which got all over me but seemed to have no effect and he then asked me to attack him with a sword with all I had.

I put energy into it and attacked with my sword and ended up getting the sword into one of his scales cutting the flesh slightly which had a very bad effect on me.

I ended up with a small hole on the right hand as it is the one I used mostly was standing looking straight ahead after I had backed away and brought my right hand up in front of my eyes and looked at the hole and dropped the hand and looked at my stomach which had a big hole in the center and I could see the organs.

I fell to the ground dying but not dead yet. After a while I woke up and saw the dragon at my side and i was still alive. He told me his name Azhi Dahaka and I instantly knew he was a dragon hell bent on destroying the world. He began speaking with me telepathically saying that I was close to death and it was only my link to him that saved me that he had healed me with his tears and had bonded himself to me. He moved to go before my feet and told me he would be honored to call me mistress if I would allow it. I told him I would be honored to have such a great dragon call me such.

He came to my side again his heads lightly on my lap so I could pet them so I did. Then the door suddenly opened more as I had left it opened slightly. Azhi quickly turned ready to attack jumped up and went to kill or threaten the intruder who just happened to be a friend of mine.

I went next to him and told him it was ok she was an ally though he backed down still watched her closely. She spoke with me and I told her to watch her step around the dragon as I didn’t want him to misunderstand her intentions. She told me to come out as it was almost time for supper and I replied that I would be out in a moment.

So she left. I spent a few more minutes Azhi petting his heads and asked him if he still wished to destroy the world. He asked if that was what the mistress wished and I replied no. he asked what I wanted and I replied that I wanted to protect it. Azhi said that that would be difficult for him as he was created for and hell bent on destroying the world but that he would do his best to protect the land that bore his mistress and flew off into open sky.

I then stepped on a symbol on the floor in the room which was the wheel of fortune with the rune for travel and in a flash of light I was transported to another area in which it was a grand ballroom or similar but made of natural brown stone with pillars in various locations. In the middle of the room was a black panther that was very large with the tail being the body and head of a snake curled up on a large pillow though it seemed as though energy was being taken from it and stored elsewhere only leaving enough energy for the panther to survive.

The energy was being taken by my ‘alters’ .I stopped the energy from being taken and then put my own into it and the panther woke up letting loose two large ravens wings and stretching before it stood up and looked at me. It was about 5’5 in height and seemed to be a mixture of feline species though only wild ones. It told me that its name was bast after the goddess bastet though it was not her and also said that she was my inner beast.

Dream- Crazy epic battle and then some

I was walking a fairly deserted area with a few buildings scattered here and there, I was walking south and just passed one building on my left when I saw a hot air balloon. A girl was maneuvering the hot air balloon lower, landing it not too far away from the building I just passed and walking away leaving the balloon. I had never been on a hot air balloon before so I decided to get in it.

As I got in though a great wind took a hold of the balloon and started taking me back in the direction I had come from which was not where I wanted to go. So with great difficulty I managed to land the balloon again, then I detached the balloon from the basket and tossed it to the wind.

I decided after words to go in a different direction. So I went west I hadn’t been taking by the balloon very far so once again I walked past the abandoned building. I later came to a cave, where an older gentleman was selling stuff beside the cave but I continued on to the cave where it was almost like a downhill river. Although it was shallow I got in a little wooden boat at the top and went for a ride on the water. During my ride through the cave I had to continuously move the boat from side to side to avoid rocks.

At the end was a tunnel with a waterfall which I went down and apparently had so much fun I wanted to go again, so I found my way back and went down the cave river a second time. This time when I got to the tunnel where the waterfall would be a large semi-truck was blocking it, causing the water to rise. I had to get out of my little boat and start climbing back up the cave the water was starting to overflow and by the time I made it to the top I could barely breathe. I gasped for breath as I got out of the water refilling my lungs with air.

Once I got out of the cave I started talking to the older gentleman outside, I still didn’t know his name but apparently we knew each other and were something of friends. He suggested we go on a picnic for lunch. So we ended up going on a picnic and he had asked if he could bring a friend to which I said it was ok. We were all set up when his friend came, a red headed woman who looked to be in her late twenties or early thirties. I sat next to the older gentleman and his friend sat on the far side behind him.

As it turned out they were both sent to assassinate me. We had brought metal utensils instead of plastic so I stabbed him in the leg with my fork and tried shooting at her. Unfortunately she happened to be immune to bullets, so I kept shooting at her while running to keep her away from me. I went around the right side picnic blanket since they were both on the left side giving me the most room to get away before I ran further north.

I came to another large building and ran inside still trying to alternate between shooting and running away. It was large and fairly empty but for two men, one of which wore a white shirt. I ran all the way to the back of the building where there was an attic, as I was climbing the attic the man in the white shirt was trying to pull me back down after following me.

Trying to keep my grip and pull myself into the attic I kicked him in the head to loosen his grip before I was able to pull myself up. There was an old man in the attic who just watches as I grabbed the lid and closed it, before drilling a screw in so it couldn’t be opened from below. I turned around only to push the older man out of the way instinctively as a Molotov cocktail flew past and landed right next to the attic door. I turned to find the woman floating in the air outside a window that had been behind me. I threw a fireball at her to distract her as I put out the cocktail and turned back to her. The fireball had distracted her long enough for me to put it out, she then said that no one had told her I had any abilities. I couldn’t help thinking what a useless bunch of assassins they were one held no abilities and was unable to fight and the other had information withheld from her.

She decided next to bring out a whip. Not an ordinary whip, but one that looked like it had an electrical cord running through the middle. It struck my right shoulder creating a small hole before I saw electricity run down the whip and felt the pain of being electrified. Still I was determined not to lose this fight, using my abilities I sent the energy back up the whip making her take it out of me. This lead a even more epic battle of the elements we seemed tied though using fire balls, water and whirlwinds. Then she stopped and I noticed most of the middle of the floor was taken out from the attic and two dead bodies were below. I thought she was going to whip me again and I braced for impact not sure my shoulder would do well with another hit. To my surprise though she whipped one of the dead bodies; the man in the white shirt.

I wasn’t sure what good it would do her to whip a dead body, but apparently her whip had other abilities. The dead man’s soul stated going up the whip, in order to counter I tried fighting with fire going up the whip in front of the soul to make her let go. Unfortunately I was severely weakened, and she was going to use the soul to gain more power. My fire died out and she received the soul. That was when I woke up.





Dream – End of the endworld A Doctor Who adventure

I suddenly found myself in the middle of the Tardis right next to the console across from me was the doctor and rose, who although surprised to see me yelled at me to grab a hold of something. There was a circular bar that was attached to the floor by bars angled towards the console that I grabbed onto as the Tardis started shaking. Inside my head I could hear the Tardis talking to me she was glad that I showed up happy and she wanted me to choose a place to go.

The Tardis stopped shaking and the doctor and rose rushed over and hugged me saying they were glad to see me. The Tardis doors opened showing me the stars. The doctor and rose said I should have a turn to pick where we went since I didn’t visit often. I could feel the Tardis was very excited so I told them to let Sexy pick.

The doctor closed the tardis doors and soon we took off again. when we stopped he opened the doors still looking out at the stars there was a smaller version of the earth that looked like a boxing speed bag just outside. It had reached the end of it’s life and had grown small because of that. The doctor moved close to the door and pushed the endworld  further out amongst the stars with just his pointer finger.

we watched amazed as the endworld started fading and turned into blue stars scattering into the universe. the death of a planet. it was sad, beautiful and awe inspiring all at the same time.

Dream- Spirit of a soldier

My spirit was standing still in a dark space. briefly I wondered was I going to Heaven, Hell or stay in limbo for the rest of my after life. nothing happened though so I got bored and put my arms out in front of me twisting and turning them because they were all I could see.  My arms were made out of white energy so it was interesting to see the way the energy moved. eventually I got bored of that too so I stopped.

Not long after I could see through a thin veil to the living world; where I saw a blonde woman about to take a world war 2 trunk to the pawn shop. It was great horror that I recognized the trunk full of world war 2 items she was about to sell off was mine, full of treasured possessions that had gotten me through hard times, that had been with me through everything. I reached out to stop her, called out because I could not part with the things that mattered most to me.

It was with great heartbreak that I realized she could not hear or see me. and I could only watch as she went off to sell my things for money. My most precious possessions gone in what seemed like a instant. then, I saw her no more and was back in that deep dark space, alone.